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Board of Trustees

The Tolland County Agricultural Center’s Board of Trustees works to advance our vision to “provide an environment for the agricultural education, ecological landscape education, family studies and leadership education for peoples of all ages in Tolland County, Connecticut and the Northeast”. 


Our Board members work to guide the Tolland County Agricultural Center in advancing our vision by working with like-minded individuals.  The work done by the Tolland County Agricultural Center benefits groups such as Tolland County 4-H, UConn’s Cooperative Extension System, and many other organizations.


President:                   Tamara West

Vice President:           Katherine Roberts

Secretary:                    Paul Tanner

Treasurer:                    Jeff Mayer


Ben Lindblom                   Cathy Verbridge

Charlotte Pyle                   Jeff Mayer

Katherine Roberts             Katy Davis  

Mark Fonicello                  Matt Person

Nick West                          Paul Tanner

Stacey Williams                Tamara West


Manager:                            Kathy Starzyk


Assistant to Manager:        Becky Person


Secretary:                            Linda Palmer

Clerical:                               Becky Tanner

Maintenance:                      Toby Ludwig

                                             Nikki Dore

CFO:                                    Charles Mayer

Management Consultant:  Ross Person

860-875-5714 (TAC office phone- Saturday mornings)


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