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Storage Operations: History

​TAC’s first livestock building, now known as the Green Barn, was completed in 1964.  Shortly thereafter, around 1967, the Board of Trustees decided to offer the use of that building for the winter storage of boats, campers and other types of equipment that its owners wished to put under cover and out of the New England winter weather elements.  In 1972, the second livestock building, now known as the Red Barn, was completed.  That virtually doubled the amount of space available to store vehicles and equipment.  Five years later, in 1977, the third livestock building was completed, originally as an open pavilion.  That building, now known as the Niederwerfer Building, or White Barn, was soon enclosed, increasing the space available for equipment storage by an additional 25 percent.

By requesting a small donation based on the total length of the equipment to be stored, winter utilization of the buildings provide TAC with additional income to be used for the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings. 

Today, the storage operation has been streamlined and improved to enable the maximum number of pieces of equipment to be efficiently moved in and out of the buildings seasonally. Typically, vehicle move-in is on two Saturday mornings in October and vehicle take out is on one Saturday morning in March.  A security alarm system, which is monitored and provides notification to the Vernon Police Department, protects the equipment from fire, theft and vandalism while it is stored in our buildings. 

We would like to thank all the continued patrons that use our facilities for storage, you help us continue our vision!

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