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If you are interested in joining a committee please contact Ross Person at

Grounds Management Committee

The Grounds Management Committee is made up of about 15 members. Several volunteers come from the USDA, the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), the North Central Conservation District, UConn's Master Gardener program, and 4-H programs that bring large amounts of talent to the committee. This committee oversees the development of the master plan.

The Tolland County Agricultural Center established this committee many years ago to guide development of the property. Major projects they have worked on are establishing a butterfly garden in the nature area, creating rain gardens adjacent to the pavilion, and other beautification projects.

Scholarship Evaluation Committee

The Scholarship Evaluation Committee is made up of members voted upon by the Board of Trustees based on their positions within their respective school systems and their levels of expertise in the agriculture or family studies fields. The current selection committee consists of:

  • A professional educator member of the Guidance Department at each applicant's school.

  • The Director of the Agricultural Department at Rockville High School

  • The Director of the Agricultural Department at E.O. Smith High School

Members of the Board of Trustees Scholarship committee include trustees and a retired Tolland County teacher appointed by the Board of Trustees. 

The committee reviews applications based on:

  • Completion of Application

  • Two Letters of Recommendation - At least one is preferred to be from an Agricultural Education teacher, a Family Studies teacher or a 4-H leader.

  • A transcript of grades -

    • high school transcript for incoming freshman or college        

    • transcript for students already enrolled in college.

A written essay of no more than 300 words explaining plans to major in a field related to Agriculture or Family Studies with his/her anticipated plans to use this education after graduation.

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